Robot Overlords – Get The Book…

The novelisation of ROBOT OVERLORDS is available now!9781473204867

Behold, the blurb…

To find his father, one boy must defy an empire…Three years ago, Earth was conquered by a force of robots from a distant world. They have one rule: STAY IN YOUR HOMES.

Step outside and you get one warning before you’re vaporised by a massive robot Sentry, or a crawling Sniper, or a flying Drone. That’s if the vast Cube doesn’t incinerate you first.

But Sean Flynn is convinced that his father – an RAF pilot who fought in the war – is still alive. And when he and his gang figure out a way to break the robots’ curfew, they begin an adventure that will pit them against the might of the ROBOT OVERLORDS.

This fast-paced, thrilling novelisation is based on the hit British film starring Sir Ben Kingsley (IRON MAN THREE), Gillian Anderson (THE X-FILES) and Callan McAuliffe (THE GREAT GATSBY).

A perfect companion to the movie, it expands on the story with additional action, characters, and a special peek behind the scenes.

To reiterate, there is TONS of stuff in the book that’s not in the film, including my shoot diaries and an all-new short story showing how The Mediator came to be.

It’s written with a YA readership in mind, so anyone with a reading age of 10+ will be able to enjoy it.



“An easy read, but it’s not a light tale. Deliciously scary in all the right places, it’s a compelling book. Like all good novelisations, it adds an extra dimension to a story already told in another medium. Recommended, especially if you like giant robot-driven dystopias.”

Ed Fortune, Starburst

“A fun, entertaining read with snappy, realistic dialogue (the teens speak like teens!) and a blockbuster pace that will entertain early teens upwards and sci-fi fans alike.”

Eamon Ambrose, Follow The Nerd

“Older children, and adults of all ages, will enjoy this inventive, witty and humane adventure”

Mat Coward, The Morning Star

“Enjoyable, entertaining, and sometimes surprisingly dark… a great read whether you’re a young adult, (or) a young-at-heart adult: 8/10.”

Liam Salt, The Cult Den

“… a delightful and engaging contemporary work of science fiction… reminiscent of such literary classics as John Christopher’s The Tripods series or John Wyndham’s The Day of the Triffids or The Midwich Cuckoos.”

Joseph B Mauceri, Fears Magazine

“His characters come to life instantly, practically jumping off the page, all you need to know to care about them sketched in a few simple but always well-chosen words.”

Linda Wilson, Crime Review

It’s now available in libraries and all good and evil bookshops in paperback and eBook, and you can order the book now from any of these retailers:

The Book Depository (free worldwide shipping!)

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Barnes & Noble US

Apple iBooks UK

Apple iBooks USA


Google Play


eBooks at Sainsbury’s

The Hive (free delivery to your local independent bookshop)

It’s also available as an audiobook, read by Rupert Degas with excerpts from the film’s score and sound effects. You can get it from Audible UK or or iTunes, and here are a couple of clips:

Amazon customer reviews:

All novelisations should be like this!

“… I found it hard to put down. Stay’s writing style is fluid and allows the reader to soak it all in without questioning any of the plot points.

To sum up, this is a well-written book that goes into way more depth than a movie ever could. Those who enjoyed the film will really appreciate this release.”

Fabulous Novel From The Film

“The story is a strong one to begin with, but the book is filled with lots of additional background information. As such, the story is much fuller and far more gripping than the film could ever have hoped to be…Robot Overlords is a fast-paced and gripping sci-fi tale. It is enjoyable as a standalone novel, or as an accompaniment to the film.” 


“An enjoyable read, Mark Stay’s enthusiasm infectious.”

Good sci-fi for both young adults and not-so-young adults alike

“Both I and my daughter have enjoyed this – so much so, that we now want to see the film. If you like action films or sci-fi, and whether you’re a young adult or a not-so-young adult, this is good fun and and enjoyable to read. Recommended.”

A robotic study:

“It really succeeds at being a young adult science fiction novel in it’s own right. There’s enough description and exposition given to make it work as a book. If you haven’t seen the film you won’t feel lost or confused. And the characters are very three dimensional as well… A good read. If you haven’t or have seen the film. And an interesting companion to it. A really good product.”

I would recommend this, esp to introduce teen readers to old fashioned Sci-fi:

There is genuine horror at the death and destruction, you feel the stakes are high, so everything else feels more urgent… I would actually recommend this to schools and as a good way to get reluctant readers hooked on a good story. I’m looking forward to seeing the film now.

Over here and over all:

“… an articulate and intelligent novel detailing the aftermath of an invasion of Earth by the eponymous machines.”

Amazing author great detail full of adventure very witty:

“The book is excellent my 10yr old twin boys are now reading it for the third time, it’s full of adventure and action it also is written beautifully…”

Great for all ages:

“A really well crafted book! Great for all ages.”

An absolute joy to read for young and old:

“If I had a time machine I would go back in time to 1982 with a copy of this book and visit my twelve year old self. Back then I was just discovering the amazing world of Sci-Fi through films like Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. After I had explained myself and my twelve year old self was over his initial doubts I would ask him to put a bookmark in whatever book he was reading (I think it was Firestarter by Stephen King) and read Robot Overlords instead.”

Robot-tastic story that must be read!

“A lot of extra depth appears in the novel which makes it compliment the movie incredibly well, you get a much better understanding of many of the characters and get an insight to some side events not in the movie. Like the movie the novel is bursting with edge of your seat action from start to finish.”

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