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Are you looking for feedback on your novel or screenplay? Maybe you just need a second opinion on that submission letter that you’re sending to agents? I offer all kinds of services for writers at all stages in their careers. There are more details below and get in touch now for a free ten minute Skype consultation and a quote.

Who Am I…?

I’ve been working in bookselling and publishing since 1994, and as a screenwriter, novelist and co-presenter of The Bestseller Experiment podcast I have accrued some considerable experience in reading, analysing and critiquing other writers’ works.


“Mark highlights not only issues but also the gems in your writing, giving you the confidence boost needed to get you excited about the next step, the dreaded rewrite.” William Grupe

“Mr Stay approaches it like a friend would, which is clearly a result of his experience and genuine interest in helping others along. Trust him and you might come away even more confident than you were before.” Edward Kane

“I cannot emphasise enough how useful it was to have an impartial eye look over the story. For me it was like opening a door into another world. Far from being the horrible feedback I expected it was helpful and validating. Mark was kind, helpful and constructive.” Jack Logan

“Mark is so friendly and fun to talk to and with his encouragement I went on to get my manuscript completed. He was even kind enough to convert my manuscript into print-ready PDF and EPUB.” Thomas R Gaskin

Get in touch now if you need advice on any of the following…


I provide 3 and 6 month mentoring services for writers at all stages.

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Novel, Novella and Short Story feedback

I will give you detailed feedback on your novel, novella or short story, annotating the story with notes and a full reader’s report. This can be tailored to your needs.

Story brainstorm

Got stuck? Writer’s block? Drop me a line for a brainstorm to unlock your story.

Submissions to agents and publishers

Submitting to an agent or publisher for the first time? Or hitting a wall of rejection? Let me help you with that.

Copy description

Need a second opinion on the blurb copy for your novel or short story? Ping it my way.

Screenplay critique

I will give you detailed feedback on your short film or full-length screenplay with notes and a full reader’s report.

eBook formatting

Got a finished novel, but need it to look great on Kindle, ePub or a print-ready PDF? I can format it for you

Video shoot and editing

Need an author video shot and edited? Drop me a line for a competitive quote.

Get in touch

Whatever you need as a writer, get in touch and we can start with your free ten minute Skype consultation.