GEISTERZAUBER is out today in Germany

The third Witches of Woodville GEISTERZAUBER (Ghost Magic — aka The Ghost of Ivy Barn) is out today in Germany! I love what they’ve done with the covers and they all look amazing together. Grab your copies from all good German bookshops. There’s more info on the Heyne website here.

Ghost of Ivy Barn readings on Bookable Space

I was delighted to be invited by Yvonne Battle-Felton to read three extracts from The Ghost of Ivy Barn on her splendid podcast Bookable Space. I reveal the real locations that inspired the Witches of Woodville and why the series might not be as cosy as it first looks.

Download from your preferred podcast provider, or click on the link below to listen…

Two Chickens for Laura Long Arms

There’s a new FREE short story for subscribers to the Woodville Village newsletter…

Superb art design by Andrew Bowden!

This story was previously published in November 2021 as part of the Everyday Kindness anthology compiled by LJ Ross in support of the charity Shelter. All of us were still reeling from Covid and lockdown and the idea was to put a little good out into the world.

The result was an amazing anthology with stories from a wide range of incredible authors. I do urge you to check it out and support the good work of Shelter here:

Regular newsletter subscribers also know that I usually record an MP3 audio version of the story for them to download. Well, in this instance someone beat me to it. And that someone is only Dame Julie Bleedin’ Bloody Walters* herself! It’s part of the same anthology over on Audible and she gives a beautiful and heartfelt reading.

I was blown away when I heard that she chose to read my story, especially as I have a wee bit of history with Julie that you can read about here.

Laura Long Arms is based a little on the legend of Jenny Greenteeth and other such nymphs who lurk at the bottoms of ponds and wells and lure people (especially children) to their doom. I grew up in a time when children were bombarded with public information films warning us about the dangers of deep and still waters, so her legend has always resonated with me, and there’s no reason why she can’t return in another tale from Woodville. 

I really hope you enjoy this story where Faye learns that a little kindness can go a long way…

*To give her full honorific.

The Crow Folk paperback is half price for one week only…

It’s been two years since The Crow Folk was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public! And to celebrate I’m selling the paperback for half price for one week only exclusively at the Woodville Bookshop. That includes signed copies and the bundles of the three Woodville books and the complete collection.

THE CROW FOLK paperback is half price exclusively in the Woodville Bookshop from now until 10th February while stocks last and all that! Click on the images below to grab your copy…

The Title of the next Witches of Woodville novel is…

A very Happy New Year to you all! And I begin 2023 with some splendid news. I’ve delivered the fourth Witches of Woodville book to his agent. It will be published on 14th September 2023, and therefore someone at the publisher has pushed the big red “Pre-Order” button (every publisher has one, and it’s usually locked away in the basement) and thusly it is now available to, well, pre-order at many of your favourite retailers (some take longer than others to pull their finger out when it comes to pre-orders… Yes, we’re looking at you, Audible).

So without any further ado, I can exclusively reveal the title and blurb for the next Witches of Woodville book is…

(insert drumroll here)


The Holly King is coming, and you’re on his list . . . 
You are cordially invited to the FEAST OF FOOLS.
A YULETIDE celebration in the village of WOODVILLE.

Your host is THE HOLLY KING, benevolent demigod and newly-restored RULER of the woodland realm.
Confront your fears and banish darkness at our Saturnalian Revels, with food and drink aplenty for all you lusty guts. Join your neighbours, Dead-Eyed Fairies and a Woodwose, all overseen for one night only by the Lord of Misrule.


Have you been Naughty or Nice?
RSVP, regardless.

As Christmas looms, the villagers come under the spell of the Holly King, a demigod bent on destroying Woodville. Faye, Bertie and the witches are determined to stop him, but first they must confront terrible truths that threaten to tear them apart.

Golly, that does sound thrilling, doesn’t it! The Holly King will be available in paperback, eBook and audiobook on 14th September 2023, and you will find all the current live pre-order links here:

Witches of Woodville T-Shirts & Tote Bags

You can now get Woodville T-shirts and Tote Bags over at my TeeMill site here…

It’s what all the cool kids are wearing… apparently…

A Free Witches of Woodville comic for Halloween…

The Wish Demon is the first Witches of Woodville comic. Written by Mark Stay with artwork by Emily Stewart.

And it’s FREE to anyone who subscribes to the Woodville Village Library Newsletter. You can do that right now (and get many other free short stories) by clicking here!

October, 1940.

After a summer of adventure, Faye Bright has one more challenge to face. Her eighteenth birthday. She doesn’t want gifts or cake or any fuss. All Faye Bright wants is a bit of peace and quiet.

But little does she know that a witch who draws upon the power of the moon and the light of candles should be careful what she wishes for… the Wish Demon just might make it come true.

And here’s the first page to whet your appetite…

Emily Stewart is an amazing artist and you can discover more of her work here:

She’ll also be at the MCM Comic Con this weekend if you’re going! You’ll find her in the London Artists Alley, B24.

Don’t forget, this is completely free to all newsletter subscribers. You can sign up right now (and get many other free short stories) by clicking here!

The Witches of Woodville Timeline

I’ve created this handy timeline schematic to keep track of the various short stories and novels in the ever-expanding “Woodville Literary Universe” (as no one is calling it… apart from me).

It starts in Roman times with Caesar on Watling Street, features the Miss Charlotte Quartet and more. And it’s yours to cut out and keep… or “download” as the young people would have it. Have you read them all?

The more eagle-eyed of you will notice something called The Wish Demon on the list. That’s coming very soon and will be exclusive to newsletter subscribers as a free treat. If you want to get your reading eyes on these free goodies, you can sign up to the Woodville Village Library Newsletter here.

The Woodville Village Bookshop is Open!

Splendid news! There is now a bookshop on the Witches of Woodville website. If you want a signed and dedicated paperback of any of my books, you can buy them directly from me.

But, I hear you cry, what if I already have a paperback and it’s not signed? What can I do? Is there no justice in this cruel and uncaring universe?? Well, calm down, the good news is the cheapest item in the store is a signed bookplate (only one pound!)

I’ll scribble my signature and your choice of dedication (keep it clean!) and pop it in the post. I’ll even throw in a free bookmark. All my books are currently in stock and there are bundles available if you want to bulk purchase and save money!

Simply CLICK HERE to visit the bookshop!

The Unboxing Ghost is revealed (and some behind the scenes stuff)…

Thanks to everyone who’s watched my recent unboxing video for The Ghost of Ivy Barn, especially those who have been looking for the ghost in the background. He appears four times. Most people only see him three times. Here’s the original video…

So, here’s a breakdown of where you can see him…

I hope that clears everything up! By the way, if you’ve enjoyed our unboxing videos, you might like this little peek behind the scenes with some fun outtakes…