The UNWELCOME publicity bandwagon gets rolling…

UNWELCOME had special previews at Cineworld and Odeon cinemas last night and already people are buzzing about it. I understand that Twitter is not the real world and Mr Musk is doing his best to turn it into a digital hellscape, but it was great to see so much love for UNWELCOME last night. Here’s a sample of my favourite comments…

Also, I was delighted to be on the Dominic King show on BBC Radio Kent last night. I’m on the show twice talking about UNWELCOME: at 42:18 and there’s an extended version at 2:38:04… Here’s a listen back link.

And we had a great first review from Ellen E Jones at The Guardian

This is Straw Dogs by way of Fraggle Rock, essentially; but the script by Wright and Mark Stay weaves in enough anxieties, both contemporary and primal, to sustain suspense even amid the silliness. It adds up to an enjoyably unpretentious Irish-ish folk horror. And not a shamrock in sight.

Ellen E Jones, The Guardian

UNWELCOME is on the cover of FILM STORIES magazine!

Blimey!! Unwelcome is on the cover of the new Film Stories mag! And there’s a five-page feature on how we made it. Grab your copy here, or just treat yourself and subscribe to one of the best films mags there is!

This is a particular treat for me, as I’ve listened to the Film Stories podcast and subscribed to the magazine since it began, and its editor and founder Simon Brew is simply one of the nicest men you’ll ever meet. So do please support one of the great film independent film magazines if you can!

New Poster art for UNWELCOME

I love this new poster art for UNWELCOME! The film is out on 27th January in the UK and 17th March in the USA (not sure elsewhere, so please check local listings!). There are more details here.

And here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it already…

One Month until UNWELCOME hits UK cinemas…

Just one month until you can see this handsome devil in action in UK cinemas…

Just to be clear… this is before I went into hair and make up…

This pic appeared in the new issue of Empire magazine and it’s the first clear look at the malevolent redcaps who cause so much chaos in the story. The original designs for the redcaps came from the wonderful concept artist Paul Catling, and they were brought to life by the genius of Shaune Harrison’s prosthetics, Paddy Eason’s VFX, and second unit director (and redcap wrangler) Rick Warden.

This is how this redcap is described in the original script…

A BIG NOSED REDCAP - two foot tall and standing on skinny legs with an oversized, misshapen head.
Its eyes are milky-white and skin is like burned bacon. Tufts of hair sprout from odd places and its jaw juts out revealing razor sharp rows of teeth. It wears a tanned skin cloak stained dark red and a dagger on a belt.

Film is a collaborative medium, so there are plenty of others who helped bring this critter to life. Do check out their names on IMDb here. It never fails to amaze me just how much work goes into making movies, and the best way to see their incredible work is on a big screen so I really hope you can make it to the movies on January 27th! (I think we’re out in the US in March… not sure about the rest of the world yet, but I’ll bang the drum here when I know more).

There’s more info on the Warner Bros UK website, and here’s the trailer…

Unwelcome UK Release Date

I saw Unwelcome mentioned in the new issue of Film Stories magazine with a UK/Eire release date of 27th January 2023! That’s the date on IMDb and the Warner Bros. website, so… I’ll see you at the movies at the end of Jan!🍿🎬📽️🎞️

PS. Not yet sure of release dates outside the UK. Watch this space!

Here’s the trailer!

Unwelcome will premiere at Sitges in October

It’s just been confirmed that Unwelcome (that monster movie I wrote) will premiere at the Sitges Film Festival next month! This is particularly exciting as the festival is regarded as one of the best horror/fantasy festivals in the world, and I’m really excited (and mildly terrified) to see it with an audience.

And yes, I’ll be there in person in sunny Spain, so let me know if you’re going! There are more details about the festival here.

And here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it already (and yes, bafflingly, I’m in the trailer, too… don’t have nightmares)…

Talking Scary Things with the Talking Scared Podcast

I had a great time chatting with Neil McRobert of the Talking Scared Podcast about how my writing has been influenced by a warped childhood of Bagpuss, Camberwick Green, Chorlton and the Wheelies, Dennis Potter and more. You can listen on all the usual podcast providers here.

ICYMI: The Babes in the Wood Launch Party

If you missed the launch party for Babes in the Wood on Thursday you can watch the whole thing again right here.

Me and the wonderful Mr Caimh McDonnell dig into the new book, I also talk about the trailer for Unwelcome in a bit more detail, I announce the winners of the book/choc giveaway (and announce a whole new giveaway), and I drop far too many hints about the third Woodville novel

The UNWELCOME trailer is here!

That film wot I wrote now has a trailer!

Trigger warning: there’s something truly horrific at 1:02…

And here’s the poster…

Feels great to finally get this out there! Would love to know what you think!