How Old Is Milo Parker…?

The most common search term that brings people to my blog is currently “How old is Milo Parker?”

Milo, of course, is one of the young stars of ROBOT OVERLORDS, and can currently be seen stealing the scenery from Sir Ian McKellen in MR. HOLMES, and has been filming Tim Burton’s MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN this summer.

Well, I’m delighted to settle this for once and for all. Milo Parker is 57 years old…

Milo Parker (the elderly man on the left) and Mark Stay.
Milo Parker (the elderly man on the left) and yours truly at Pinewood during the shooting of Robot Overlords. Photo by  (c) MEDIATOR 452 LIMITED/BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE.

And if you don’t believe me, then Google it. Oh, wait…

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3 thoughts on “How Old Is Milo Parker…?”

  1. I do not see the big deal of mentioning someone’s age. Is it a matter of national security? Milo was born in 2002. I do not know the month or day so I guess I won’t be able to send him a happy birthday message.
    I enjoy his acting skills and I’m glad the ignorance that surrounds him has not yet affected that.


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