The GollanczFest is a go-go!


Gollancz Fest 2015: 16th-17th October – Manchester and London, events tbc

Not sure what I’ll be doing yet, but there will be an awesome line-up of talent (and me!), so you’d have to be some sort of weird anti-geek to miss out…

Last year tickets were sold out in three weeks, so to get yours click here.

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5 thoughts on “The GollanczFest is a go-go!”

  1. My friend and I were so excited when we heard about the convention in October. I live in Germany and she lives in Israel and we both think that Brandon Sanderson is the best Fantasy author we have ever read.
    We thought that the convention will be the best way to meet together after 6 months and meet our hero.
    Unfortunately, organizing different flights from Israel and Germany takes time and we discovered that the tickets for the event in London were sold out.
    We are devastated! We already booked the flights to London and Manchester is not really an option for us!
    Is there any way to get two tickets for us? we are going to travel such a long way to meet Sanderson.
    By the way, the longer story is that I’m going to take the signed book, fly to Barcelona and give it as a birthday present for my sister that works as a security officer on a cruise ship there.
    I can’t think of a geekier adventure! A quest to meet authors we have no other way to meet together!
    I’m pleading for help, can we somehow get two tickets?
    Best regards,
    Roni Doron, a geeky girl on a quest. (Yes, I sent this letter in all the possible ways, maybe someone can help…)


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