The End of Magic: A Bit of an Announcement…

Here are the headlines, (more details below):

There’s a change in the availability of The End of Magic in eBook.

The paperback is about to go out of print and I have the last few.

Oh, and there’s going to be a sequel!

Cover art designed by Mark Ecob:

Something unexpected happened a couple of weeks ago. I got the rights back to The End of Magic from my publisher. This happened a year earlier than I thought it would and it caught me on the hop, but it means three things:

  1. From today the eBook of The End of Magic will only be available to read on Kindle or Kindle Unlimited. If you’re an Apple/Kobo/Google reader and you’ve already bought the eBook of The End of Magic it should stay on your device. If it suddenly vanishes, then drop me a line here and I’ll sort it out. To read it now on Kindle just click here.
  2. The Unbound paperback is now officially out of print. You might still find copies online and in a few stores, but I snapped up the last few copies that Unbound had. So if you want a signed first edition paperback, there are fewer than 30 left and you can get them while stocks last here. If you want the standard Amazon print-on-demand version, then there’s an endless supply of those available from Amazon.
  3. I can finally write a sequel to The End of Magic!

So why couldn’t I write a sequel previously? Well, when you sign a deal with a publisher they have first refusal on any sequel/series ideas that you have. And as much as I like the good people at Unbound, I didn’t much fancy going down the crowdfunding route again. I had planned to wait until their licence expired next February, but they’re having a bit of a purge of their digital list, and they’ve been reverting the rights back to authors left, right and centre and so when they reverted the rights a couple of weeks ago it was something of a pleasant surprise.

I’ve spent the time since re-reading The End of Magic and I’d quite forgotten how much I loved writing those characters and playing in that world. So I’ve started making notes for a sequel, currently titled (drumroll)…


This will continue the story of Sander Bree, Rosheen Katell and her moon child brother Oskar and anyone else who managed to survive the events the End of Magic intact. Oh, and there will be dragons. Big ones.

Don’t get too excited just yet. It could take a year before it’s ready for publication, but it is happening (and there might even be a third to make it a trilogy, too), and I’m very excited to be writing it.

And if you’re a fan of the Witches of Woodville novels, please do not fear! The fourth in the series — The Holly King — is coming in September and available for pre-order now, and the fifth book will coming in 2024-ish, and hopefully there will be many more after that.

Right. Back to work. This epic fantasy won’t write itself…

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