Sue Watson on the Bestseller Experiment | Do Writers Get Second Acts in their Careers?

Once a writer gets published there’s always a concern that either they’re a flash in the pan, or that in order to be successful they’ll have to write the same thing again and again to feed the publishing marketing machine until they’re driven mad and end up curled up in a ball under their desk, eyes twitching as they wonder how they’re going to make something feel fresh and original for the eighteenth time. Or… you can do what Sue Watson did. There’s a great moment in this week’s podcast where she admits that she was tired of trying to be funny and so switched from romcoms to murdering people for fun and profit (in fiction, I hasten to add). She also hints at a third act in her writing career too.

As always, this is available on all the usual podcast providers, and there’s an extended version where me and Mr D discuss how publishers define genres, when things don’t work out with an agent, self confidence, digital first publishers, success in the US, pen names, and much more! You can get your mitts on that by supporting the podcast here.

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