The End of Magic challenge, week 2

On 9th July I made a big ol’ public declaration to sell a thousand copies of my fantasy novel The End of Magic by Christmas, and I promised to keep folks in the loop with the ups and downs of sales and marketing with a weekly update.

A few caveats…

  • I can only do this in the USA… Unbound have the UK rights and I have no visibility on sales other than the twice yearly statements.
  • I’m going to stick with Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.
  • I’ll be counting both Kindle and Paperback sales.
  • Here’s week two!

After a fairly reasonable start I continued with the Amazon and Bookbub ads, though the Pratchett Bookbub ad that had seemed to do so well started to fade.

Julian Barr kindly dropped me a line to point out that I had a typo in my ad!

“I before E, especially with Tolkien!”

I wondered if the typo had marked me as a complete doofus to Pratchett readers, and so I started a new campaign with a corrected ad, but the results were much the same. Steady, but losing me money.

The Amazon ads have ticked along — and I added one with Pratchett keywords to see if that would generate more sales – but not a sausage so far. The VE Schwab ad has generated two sales, which suggests my patience might pay off…

Should I pull the plug, or does the visibility start to pay greater dividends after a while?

What became very clear from week one was…

Blogging about my progress prompted plenty of people to order the book, so thanks to all who did!

I have the most amazing followers who offered to help.

In particular, Andi Cumbo Floyd and Ian Sainsbury both offered to add me to their newsletters. Ian’s went out today and I’ve already seen a nice spike, which I think I can attribute to him. Andi’s goes out later this week and I’ll report back on that next time.

As an aside, it’s nice to see that the pages reads of KDP are picking up…

Where do I go from here?

Another old friend of mine, Jeremy Mason, got in touch with some advice on how to make Facebook work more effectively for me. FB hates anything that links away from their domain, so instead of just linking to this blog I’m going to try video updates to see if that engages more people. I’m also looking to set up a squeeze page to improve my SEO. What’s a squeeze page? More on that next time!

I’ve alerted my UK publisher Unbound to this and they’re agreed to drop the UK eBook edition to 99p for a week or so while I run more Bookbub ads, which is great, though while checking the details I discovered that the book hasn’t been available on Apple iBooks. Gah!! It’s a technical issue and they’re working on a fix. Very annoying, but such is the cut n thrust of digital book sales.

Here’s a summary of last week’s sales

Kindle units sold: 19

POD Paperbacks: 2

Kindle Unlimited Pages read: 598

Royalty: $10.72

Advertising spend total: $58.17

AMS: $12.90

Bookbub: $45.27

And here’s the running total…

Kindle units sold: 56

Kindle Unlimited Pages read: 802

Royalty: $24.86

Advertising spend total (since 9th July): $221.24

AMS: $23.55

Bookbub: $197.69

Only 944 units to go!

That’s 6 a day between now and Christmas.

Thanks again for all your messages of support and to everyone who’s bought the book or spread the word.

If you would like to help, then please do any of the following:

Buy a copy here in the US, or here in the UK

Leave an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads

Tell your friends about the book

If you have any thoughts or comments on what I might be doing wrong, do please leave them below! Stay tuned for another update next week…


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