I Got On The Bestseller Experiment Podcast!

What are the odds, eh? I answer our wonderful listener questions on choosing and developing ideas, working with agents and editors, writing non-sweary period dialogue, and I compare my experiences in traditional publishing, indie publishing, crowdfunding and now with Simon & Schuster… Have a listen here: https://bestsellerexperiment.com/ep303-mark-stay-and-the-crow-folk/

And here’s a quick look behind the scenes before we started recording…

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Author, screenwriter, and co-founder of the Bestseller Experiment podcast.

2 thoughts on “I Got On The Bestseller Experiment Podcast!”

  1. Listened last night – loved it!! Got my 1940s Home Front costume ready for Thursday. Just need the book to arrive!!! Yahoo! Really hoping it all goes well for you Mark, and lots of people attend online. The library copies hadn’t come into stock yet when I checked yesterday but hopefully it won’t be long before they do. Just a shame that at the moment library users can’t come into Surrey Libraries to browse themselves, can only visit to do Click and Collect on reservations etc. Hopefully by October when Volume 2 comes out things will be back to normal and part of my job will be doing Author Events! Maybe Live Streaming from a bookshop near you???

    Sorry, getting over excited.

    All the best,

    Jenny ________________________________

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