How To Market Your Book With YouTube – Episode 8

Are you an indie author, or a seasoned writer looking to promote your book with video? TV pro Jeremy Mason joins author and screenwriter Mark Stay as they deep dive into book marketing -revealing book marketing strategies and tips for authors that will get your book discovered.

We talk cover art, vlogging for beginners with lighting tips, and how to hook your viewers in just a few seconds…

In Episode 8 you’ll learn – –

WHY you MUST invest in QUALITY cover artwork as an author – WHY book cover design is CRITICAL to your book success – WHERE you can source quality book cover design for $350 – WHAT are successful Indie Authors doing to build their success? – Deep dives into best vlogging setup for beginners – YouTube Vlogging lighting tips and tricks from a TV professional – Lighting for YouTube videos at home – YouTube Vlogging mic’s and sound setups – YouTube audio recording tips – HOW to create your YouTube home vlog set up – Basic framing guide for YouTube vlogging – The structure of an ‘ideal’ YouTube video – HOW to hook in your viewers from the start of your video – HOW to keep viewers engaged by using different backgrounds – The importance of involving your audience – HOW to use Calls To Action in your video