How To Market Your Book With Youtube — Part 10

3 weeks away from our book launch, we’re exploring virtual book launch ideas as the UK is in lockdown. So “The Crow Folk” author Mark Stay, pivots his book launch plans online. Joined by facilitator Sara Cox – we discover how to launch a book online.

In this 11th outing of the ‘Book Marketing Challenge,’ You’ll learn loads of tips for planning a successful book launch, with stacks of book launch ideas, to make your next book launch a massive success.

This series takes you on a journey of book publishing – offering writing tips and writing advice – along with book promotion and book marketing strategies. It’s the uncut, inside story of a book’s journey from the page to it appearing on a bookshelf in your favourite bookstore …

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Author, screenwriter, and co-founder of the Bestseller Experiment podcast.

2 thoughts on “How To Market Your Book With Youtube — Part 10”

  1. Hi Mark,

    I really enjoyed this episode of How to market your book, full of interesting tips and ideas and potentially of great use to me in Surrey Libraries if I should get the role I hope to, in the restructure happening over the next four months. We are likely to be required to run many more virtual/online activities such as author events and I know that if only for interview purposes I need to be aware of just what’s possible!! With that in mind I attended a webinar run by the Digital Culture Network, parts of Arts Council England I think, about successfully delivering online events. It was really useful and recorded so the video should be on their website and YouTube.

    Anyway, really looking forward to your virtual book launch and will be checking you’ve taken all Sara’s suggestions on board lol 😂

    Remind me is the date 4 Feb? Are you going to be sending out another post on Facebook and/or invite as I can’t remember if I said I was interested……

    Already planning 1940s costume – love a bit of dressing up!!!!

    Keep the posts and pre-pub entices coming- need a bit of excitement in these dull dreary lockdown days.

    Hi to Claire, chickens, Emily, Kai, and George Pumpkinhead – what a talented family you are!

    All the best,

    Jenny x

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