Scarlett Brade on the Bestseller Experiment | Can You Be Too Young to Write a Novel?

I first heard Scarlett Brade on Nadine Matheson’s excellent podcast The Conversation and immediately got in touch to see if she would come on our podcast. There’s something brilliant about her journey from a six-year-old girl demanding that she’s old enough to read the first Harry Potter, to self-publishing at 23, to having a hit with her thriller The Hive.

I also go on a bit about ‘living a little’ before writing a novel. Apologies if I come across as a crusty old git, but that’s mostly me wincing when I look back at the plays, sketches and half-arsed attempts at novels that I wrote in my youth. I could string a sentence together (just about), but I had nothing to say because I hadn’t really lived yet. It wasn’t till I hit my late 20s/early 30s that I’d experienced love, rejection, grief and existential angst that I felt there was enough gas in the tank to actually write these things convincingly. Of course, your own mileage will vary. I had a perfectly happy childhood with very little trauma, so of course I was a guileless goon (still am to some extent). Anyway, Scarlett is amazing and you’ll definitely be inspired by this week’s episode.

And in the extended version for Academy members and podcast Patrons, me and Mr D discuss if it’s essential to be an author on social media, life pivot moments, the importance of friendship groups and mentors, how to generate hooks and high concepts and much more! You can get all this extra stuff and hundreds of hours of exclusive material by supporting the podcast here.

Getting Confessional with Nadine Matheson

There’s something about chatting with bestselling thriller author and podcaster Nadine Matheson that made me all confessional! We talk about all sorts, including being made redundant, dealing with Amazon, being skint, being old and going for job interviews, why I insisted on getting a proper lunch break and much, much more! This is one of my favourite new podcasts, and I was honoured to be a guest. It’s available on all the usual podcast providers, or you can click on the link below…

The Bestseller Experiment Live Show

Wednesday 31st August, 6:30pm at Waterstones, Canterbury

The UK’s favourite podcast for writers celebrates 400 episodes with a special live show at Waterstones, Canterbury. 

Join me and a panel of amazing writers including Rowan Coleman, Pernille Hughes, Nadine Matheson and Julie Wassmer. 

After six years and 400 episodes, we’ll be asking if writing is a job for life. In these uncertain times, can an author really earn a living from just their writing?

Our authors share their experiences of being an author in an ever-changing world. 

Oh, and this is a celebration! There will be wine, cake, a chance to meet the authors, a book signing and plenty of surprises. 

Join us in person at Waterstones, Canterbury. Tickets are £5 (free for students) and redeemable against a book purchase on the night.

Or join us on the Youtube live stream here.